Short film 2019

Exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EMF/RF) is universal, manifold and uninterrupted. It will grow geometrically, and the exposure is already scattered and inadvertent. The dangers it possesses, including cancer, brain development and fertility, particularly threaten children.


For this reason, and on the basis of ongoing scientific evidence, the Cyprus Committee on Environment and Childrená Health recommends the adoption of the Precautionary Prinsible and ALARA (As Low Exposure As Possible). Reducing the exposure is possible with the application of good practice, as long as we know how.


The new spot follows below:

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Εκστρατεία Ελέγχου Παιδικών Παιχνιδιών (Πάσχα 2019)

The Consumer Protection Service is carrying out a safety campaign in the run-up ...