News Coverage By LOCAL MEDIA on the Scientific Seminar on Non Ionizing Radiation


On November 11th 2017 The Cyprus Medical Association in collaboration with the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children's Heath co organized the Scientific Seminar :The impact  of non-ionization radiation on health: A Myth or an emerging medical challenge?

Main objective of the Seminar was the "Nicosia Declaration on Electromagnetic Fields/Radiofrequencies, November, 2017, a Common Position Paper Signed by the Cyprus Medical Association, the Vienna/Austria Medical Associations and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children's Heath.

During the Seminar, Five distinguished scientists, four from overseas, analysed/evaluated the scientific evidence and discussed the open questions regarding potential health impacts, focusing on cancer, neurological effects, in particular the effects on a child’s brain function, effects on DNA, the reproductive system as well as the Electro Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). The aim of the seminar is an holistic update of the medical world, on the “state of the art” of this complex Public Health issue and concerns children, new generation and the entire population. Τhe exposure, to among others, potentially carcinogenic radiation (IARC 2011), is growing geometrically. The issue  is  a real  challenge in the medical field, has caused a lot of scientific controversies, some effects are not yet fully established and long-term effects not yet fully uploaded. The Council of Europe, European Parliament, Medical Associations and other Scientific bodies warn that despite the existing controversies and open questions, the scientific evidence of serious effects on child’s health in particular, is sufficient. They prompt for the application of the Precautionary Principle, reduction of the exposure, amendment of exposure limits, awareness, proper control of the technology as regards its potential health impacts and rational age-related usage.



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